We have a team of volunteers who act as 'Dementia Friends', visiting elderly people with dementia to provide companionship and support. As you can see from Zhang's email below, this service is crucial in helping make dementia sufferers' lives fuller and happier, so please Donate to help keep services like this open.

"Dear Mr. Chan,

Many thanks for your email and sorry for the late reply. 

I am grateful to all the staff from the Chinese National Healthy Living Centre who helped with my grandmother's care over the years. I messaged [M] to say thank you and I would like once more to thank the others too. Even though I was never at the Care Home when they were there with my grandmother, as you say, my grandmother was happy to see them and talked a lot, because she always liked having visitors. Her room was directly overlooking the Care Home entrance, and I remember that my grandmother always kept her window curtains open in case visitors would pull up on the driveway, so she could see if anyone was coming to visit her. So I am sure that she was very grateful for the volunteers giving their time to visit her. 

Kind regards,


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