Your donations and support are needed now more than ever! By giving however much you can spare, you're helping to keep the Centre open in the following manner:

1) Supporting our wonderful and dedicated staff

We are small but committed team who work tirelessly for the community. Despite our small size, we consistently punch above our weight in providing needed services to the community and some of the funds we receive quite rightly go to our staff for all their hard work.

2) Keeping our services running

We offer several free services to the community - our Sunday Doctors Surgery, for example, has been the backbone of the Centre since we first opened over 30 years ago. Your contributions help to keep this and other services free to the user and ensures we continue providing the best care to the Chinese community.

3) Administration and other necessary costs

Despite the rise of digital platforms, we don't exist without our physical Centre! The community knows where we are and we also function as an informal drop-in Centre where members come for advice, guidance and support outside of our regular projects. Simply maintaining our offices obviously incurs unavoidable costs, and some of your donations help to literally keep the lights on and the doors open.

So please, take a moment today to help Save Our Centre - 救救我们的中心!

With the greatest appreciate from all of us here at the Chinese National Healthy Living Centre - Thank you!









儘管數字平台興起,但沒有真實存在的中心,我們就不存在!社區知道我們的位置,成員可以從我們的常規項目中尋求建議,指導和支持。僅僅維護我們的辦公室顯然會帶來不可避免的成本,您的一些捐款實際上有助於保持開燈和開門。 因此,請花點時間幫助我們的救助中心-救救我們的中心! 在此,我們CNHLC所有人表示最大的感謝-謝謝!