Chong's Story

Our Walk for Health programme allowed Chong to make more friends and gain confidence, reducing her loneliness and social isolation

我们的“走向健康”活动的目的是打破社交孤立、建立社区联系 Read more

Zhang's Story - Dementia Friends

Zhang's touching email shows the importance of our Dementia Befriending Service

我们有一组负责“做痴呆症患者的朋友”的志愿者 Read more

David's Story - Problem Gambling

See our work in action - our problem gambling counselling service helped David turn his life around, and he is now debt free and enjoying life.

看看我们的效果 - 我们的心理健康及控制赌博辅导服务 帮助了大卫改生活习惯,他现在没有赌博债务,生活更开心 Read more