We are happy to confirm that Westminster Adult Education Services (WAES) has agreed to continue their support for our 'Active Body Active Mind' initiative for 2019!

Consisting of weekly health walks and the development, production and distribution of a bilingual information sheet addressing common or useful phrases and vocabulary to ease communication.





Many older Chinese people do not have basic English skills, which makes accessing primary healthcare services difficult. They rely heavily on interpreters, even for very brief meetings. The main objective is therefore to provide knowledge which empowers people to change the situation for the better. This may look simple but it isn’t, given that currently almost every contact between a Chinese speaking elder and a GP/receptionist necessitates an interpreter.

Furthermore, by mobilizing older people to get outside and providing beneficial English phrases, we help them socialise, engage with their peers, converse and stay informed of what’s happening in the community. This in turn increases quality of life and reduces the risk of developing dementia or other mental illnesses as well as maintaining physical fitness.





We'll be running walking groups weekly, and stay tuned for more news on the progress of the bilingual information packs. Check out our Walk for Health page for more details.


我们每个星期举办一次健走活动,随时更新双语信息合集。请到我们的“Walk for Health”活动页面来阅读详细介绍。