Our work with Heartstone is based around bringing different communities together in common humanity and tackling issues such as xenophobia, racism and intolerance. In the spirit of celebrating diversity, inclusion and acceptance for all people, the Chandra's London photodocumentary exhibition showcases the hidden side of London's different communities.

我们与心石的合作基础是把具备共同人性的不同社区汇集到一起解决问题,比如仇外、种族轻视和狭隘。抱着庆祝多元化、包容和接纳所有人的精神,“钱德拉的伦敦”(Chandra’s London)照片展揭示了伦敦不同社区隐藏起来的一面。

With support from UN Women, the British Council, the Home Office, the China Exchange and many other organisations, Heartstone has had an impact on education children on the importance of acceptance.


Our July procession featured hundreds of local schoolchildren participating in this festival of diversity, and we recently staged the photo exhibition at the Lord Mayor's Parlour in Westminster.