Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Weekly social health walks for community, companionship and exercise. Explore the hidden gems of London, frrom Kensington Palace Park to Waterlow Park, Holland Park, Lewisham Market, the Bank of England Museum and the Horniman Park and Museum - and beyond!

Come rain or shine

We'll be going out whatever the weather - rest assured that we have planned for all eventualities. Breathe the fresh air of London's green spaces or shelter from the elements in a fascinating museum, each week sees exciting trips to new locations.

Don't miss out - book your place today

Spaces are limited so if you would like to take part please email the ​Project Coordinator Jenny Lam at [email protected]​or call us on 020 3802 0350.

健康 身体 健康 精神

每周的社交散步活动,可以跟朋友们聚合探索伦敦的景点. 每周的散步活动发现伦敦的秘密, 从Kensington Palace公园到 Waterlow公园, Holland公园, Lewisham市场, Bank of England博物馆 and the Horniman公园和博物馆.


放心吧 - 我们已经安排好了很多活动,不管外面下雨,阴天或晴天!在伦敦的绿色公园深呼吸新鲜的空气,还是在有趣的博物馆里看看历史,每周会有兴奋的目的地在等您


位置有限,如果您想来参加请跟我们的项目责任人Jenny Lam联系[email protected],或者拨打​020 3802 0350. 地址在于29-30 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QS