Our Walk for Health programme aims to reduce social isolation and build community. Here is a story of a long-time member of our walking group, 86 year-old Chong who has been a member of the Centre for 20 years

She was lonely caring for her husband since they came to this country about 45 years ago as she looked after him without help because both her children lived in Hong Kong.  Chong didn't know how to travel around in central London except from home to Chinatown and back to go shopping.

She first joined our walk in 2005 as she knew she needed a few hours break from her daily routine. Usually she would come late and rush off as soon as we completed the walk because she had to cook for her husband had lost both his limbs.

However, since joining our walks Chong has made many friends and become more friendly and chatty. She has learnt how to travel around in central London with more confidence and likes to go back to some of the parks we visited with her friends. 

Since her husband passed away 5 years ago, she now joins in all the walks and events of the Centre. By being an active member she has increased her quality of live and happiness, and is now able to travel within London on her own, taking buses and tubes with confidence and without fear.

She has made many new friends, is happier, healthier and friendlier and best of all she does not feel lonely any more.

Help Save Our Centre! and continue providing these services to the community.

我們的“走向健康”(Walk for Health)活動的目的是打破社交孤立、建立社區聯系。接下來要講述的是散步小組的長期成員、86歲的庄太太的故事。她成為我們中心的會員已經二十年了。




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