A pioneer in digital cognitive technology, Cerebrum Matter uses technology for both healthy ageing and reducing the onset symptoms of dementia. Cerebrum Matter believe that their sophisticated technology has the potential to become an industry sensation and help sufferers globally.


As they explain on their site:

"The idea of creating Cerebrum Matter stems from our founder’s personal experience of accompanying her grandmother through a rough journey with Parkinson’s, a decade ago. Bojan’s vision to treat early onset dementia through digital therapy has been transformed into Cerebrum Matter’s mission to reduce the prevalence of disabling symptoms for people living with dementia.

正如他們在網站上介紹的,“成立腦質這家公司的想法源於創始人十年前陪伴患有帕金森病的祖母走過的艱難歲月。Bojan 通過數碼療法治療早期退智症的想法已經轉變為腦質這家公司的願景——減少患有退智症的病人殘疾的可能性。

Our idea of digital healthcare came to the fore in 2016 when the company’s bootstrapping stage, leading to the idea of a therapy software highly focused on Mental well-being. The development of the software tunnelled into the R&D process by end of 2017, leading us to start working on conducting a clinical trial with people to develop an evidence-based product aiming sincerely at treating cognitive declination, depression, anger & anxiety, the logical reasoning which are considered to leading onset symptoms of dementia using brainwave analysis."