For free advice and information regarding our services and accessing mainstream healthcare, drop in any time we're open - 9am to 5pm Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

We're on the ground floor of the NHS walk-in Centre (entrance on Frith Street).

Members enjoy additional benefits such as:

  • Brief health-related telephone interpretation service
  • Priority to participate in activities, discount on entry fees and free snacks during outings
  • Free tea and coffee at the Centre
  • £1 discount on the Sunday Tai Chi classes
  • Free use of computers and internet
  • Priority in seeing the Sunday doctor

Pop in or call us to sign up and become a member! Part of all membership fees will go to help Save Our Centre!

Only £20 a year (£15 concessions) - memberships can be purchased from our Shop, or pop in to the Centre in person.


如果需要免费咨询、服务信息或者是主流医疗保健的渠道,请在工作时间随时来访 (周二,三,四,早上9点到晚上5点)

我们位于国家医疗保健体系随到随诊中心的一层 [入口在弗里斯街(Frith Street)]。


  • 健康咨询方面的简短电话翻译服务
  • 优先参加各项活动,享受报名费打折,享用免费小吃
  • 中心免费提供茶和咖啡
  • 周日太极课程便宜1磅
  • 免费使用本中心的电脑和网络
  • 优先参加周日的医生诊疗

 大家也可以通过实地来访或者是来电成为会员!会员费的一部分将帮助Save Our Centre - 救救我们的中心!一年只需要20磅(优惠价15磅。会员可以在我们的Shop网页买!