CNHLC and Heartstone at the Lord Mayor's Parlour

An exhibition of Chandra's London was held at the Lord Mayor's Parlous in Westminster to celebrate a new chapter looking at the lives of London's Chinese community.

威斯敏斯特的市长客厅举办“钱德拉的伦敦”(“Chandra's London”)主题展览。这场展览展现了伦敦华人社区的生活,是一个新的视角。 Read more

With thanks to Westminster Adult Education Service

We're thrilled to announce that Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) has agreed to continue supporting our 'Active Body Active Mind' initiative for 2019!

我们激动地宣布,威斯敏斯特成人教育服务同意在2019年继续资助我们主办的“活动身体,活动头脑”(“Active Body Active Mind”)项目! Read more

NIO becomes new corporate partner with generous donation

Chinese electric car giant NIO supports the CNHLC. Read more