New Free Chinese Line Dancing Classes

Free traditional Chinese Line Dancing Classes, in partnership with BME Health Forum! Every Wednesday for 10 weeks Read more

Sunday Doctor's Surgery

Our Chinese-speaking doctors provide free consultation on health problems to people who have difficulties in communicating with their own doctors.

我们的华语医生为与家庭医生沟通有困难的华人进行健康谘询。同时,星期日的门诊也会提供譬如量血压和验尿的一般健康检查。 Read more

Hepatitis B testing, vaccination and treatment

Our hepatitis B clinic offers screening and vaccinations against hepatitis B for Chinese people. This clinic is run in partnership with the NHS Sexual Health Clinic based at 56 Dean Street.

我们的乙型肝炎诊所为华人提供照肺和预防注射服务。诊所是我们与国民保健服务56号甸街性保健诊所合作的服务。 Read more

Walk for Health

Weekly social health walks for community, companionship and exercise. Explore the hidden gems of London, whatever the weather!

每周的社交散步活动,可以跟朋友们聚合探索伦敦的景点. 每周的散步活动发现伦敦的秘密, 不管天气如何. Read more


Counselling offers a supportive and non-judgmental environment for people to talk about their problems. We offer counselling in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

我们会在心理辅导过程中支持大家,且不带任何成见让你倾诉所遇到的问题。我们提供免费的英文,广东话与普通话心理辅导服务。 Read more

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an excellent form of physical activity. It is a combination of physical yoga and meditation, helping to improve posture and strength.

太极是一种非常有益的身体运动,它结合了运动瑜伽和冥想,能改善体姿与力量。 Read more