Cervical screening saves lives, so don't put it off!

Many women are too busy to arrange their cervical screening, but in fact it's quick and easy and can spot the signs of cancer before it develops. Read more

New Free Chinese Line Dancing Classes

Free traditional Chinese Line Dancing Classes, in partnership with BME Health Forum! Every Wednesday for 10 weeks Read more

What does your donation help?

Find out what your donation helps the Centre achieve, from keeping the doors open for our members to providing services. Read more

Dementia Alliance for Culture and Ethnicity (DACE)

The Dementia Alliance for Culture and Ethnicity (DACE) is an alliance of groups currently providing information and support to people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in the UK.

痴呆症文化及种族联盟如今为在英国的黑人、亚洲人和少数族裔提供(病症相关)信息和支持。 Read more

Chong's Story

Our Walk for Health programme allowed Chong to make more friends and gain confidence, reducing her loneliness and social isolation

我们的“走向健康”活动的目的是打破社交孤立、建立社区联系 Read more


全国华人保健中心创建于1987年,是英国唯一一家致力于支持华人社区健康和社会服务的慈善中心。 Read more

主席的信息 Message From the Chair

The Chair of the CNHLC, Dr. Pui-Ling Li, has this message in the hope you'll help Save Our Centre

全国华人保健中心的主席李佩玲医生发出以下信息, 希望你能帮助挽救我们的中心。 Read more

Zhang's Story - Dementia Friends

Zhang's touching email shows the importance of our Dementia Befriending Service

我们有一组负责“做痴呆症患者的朋友”的志愿者 Read more


NIO is an innovative Chinese electric car manufacturer, leading the way to a future of smart, electric and autonomous vehicles.

蔚来是一家创新的中国电动汽车制造商,引领着智能,电动和自动驾驶汽车的未来发展。 Read more

Cerebrum Matter

Cerebrum Matter is an advanced MedTech startup paving the way to the future of digital cognitive technology.

脑质是一家领先的医药科技创业公司,致力于为数码认知技术的未来铺平道路。 Read more


Heartstone is a UK-based non-profit organisation established in 1990 to incorporate and use 'The Heartstone Odyssey', a magical fictional story for children which challenges prejudice and intolerance and raises environmental awareness.

"心石"是一家总部在英国的非营利性机构,成立于1990年,致力于整合和运用“心石奥德赛”。“心石奥德赛”是一部面向儿童的、反对偏见和狭隘的、增强环境意识的魔幻虚构小说。 Read more

56 Dean Street

We are proud to partner with 56 Dean Street, one of London's most innovative NHS sexual health and HIV/GUM clinic in the heart of Soho.

我们很高兴能与迪恩街56号合作。迪恩街56号是伦敦一所具有创新能力的全民医疗服务性健康和艾滋病毒诊所,坐落于苏豪区。 Read more

Sunday Doctor's Surgery

Our Chinese-speaking doctors provide free consultation on health problems to people who have difficulties in communicating with their own doctors.

我们的华语医生为与家庭医生沟通有困难的华人进行健康谘询。同时,星期日的门诊也会提供譬如量血压和验尿的一般健康检查。 Read more

David's Story - Problem Gambling

See our work in action - our problem gambling counselling service helped David turn his life around, and he is now debt free and enjoying life.

看看我们的效果 - 我们的心理健康及控制赌博辅导服务 帮助了大卫改生活习惯,他现在没有赌博债务,生活更开心 Read more

Trusts and foundations

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Legacy giving

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Corporate sponsorship 联合资助

We welcome partnerships with corporate sponsors who wish to give back to community and support our services. Read more

Fundraising ideas

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Volunteer roles 1

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Why volunteer with us

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