Like all charities, we're feeling the bite of austerity. Our NHS funding has been slashed and now more than ever we need the support of the community to continue providing much needed services.


Any donation is greatly appreciated, and have you considered setting up a direct debit? A monthly gift of £5 or £10 can be increased through the UK's Gift Aid scheme and helps us keep serving the community.

我們衷心感謝每一筆捐款。或者您是否考慮過建立一個直接借記賬戶?每月贈予5英鎊或者10英鎊會通過英國的贈予援助制度(Gift Aid)增加它的效益,幫助我們繼續為社區提供服務。

With thanks from the Chair,

Dr. Pui-Ling Li


主席 李佩玲醫生(Dr. Pui-Ling Li)