Supporting the Chinese community in accessing health services and reducing inequalities due to language difficulties and cultural differences since 1987.

从一九八七年开始, 本中心一直在支持华人社区享用政府保健服务,与减轻因语言不通和文化差异导致的不平等

Save Our Centre - 救救我们的中心!

Like all charities, we're feeling the bite of austerity. Our NHS funding has been slashed and now more than ever we need the support of the community to continue providing much needed services.



Target amount: £100,000.00

Amount raised: £1,035.60


主席的信息 Message From the Chair

The Chair of the CNHLC, Dr. Pui-Ling Li, has this message in the hope you'll help Save Our Centre

全国华人保健中心的主席李佩玲医生发出以下信息, 希望你能帮助挽救我们的中心。


Author: Ben Mason

Zhang's Story - Dementia Friends

Zhang's touching email shows the importance of our Dementia Befriending Service



Author: Ben Mason

Walk for Health 社交散步活動

Weekly social health walks for community, companionship and exercise. Explore the hidden gems of London, whatever the weather!

每周的社交散步活动,可以跟朋友们聚合探索伦敦的景点. 每周的散步活动发现伦敦的秘密, 不管天气如何.



 Our impact


Patients seen in our free Sunday doctors surgery


People tested, vaccinated or treated for Hepatitis B
人接受检查,打预防针 和得到肝病治疗


Informed by our Action on Dementia

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Latest news

  • A successful conclusion to our walking group

    Over 70 people took part in our Healthy Body Healthy Mind initiative, in partnership with the Westminster Adult Education Service. Read more

  • CNHLC and Heartstone at the Lord Mayor's Parlour

    An exhibition of Chandra's London was held at the Lord Mayor's Parlous in Westminster to celebrate a new chapter looking at the lives of London's Chinese community.

    威斯敏斯特的市长客厅举办“钱德拉的伦敦”(“Chandra's London”)主题展览。这场展览展现了伦敦华人社区的生活,是一个新的视角。 Read more

  • With thanks to Westminster Adult Education Service

    We're thrilled to announce that Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) has agreed to continue supporting our 'Active Body Active Mind' initiative for 2019!

    我们激动地宣布,威斯敏斯特成人教育服务同意在2019年继续资助我们主办的“活动身体,活动头脑”(“Active Body Active Mind”)项目! Read more