Impact AwardsHealth and Social Care AwardsWinner of NHS London Region Health and Social Care Awards 2010 in partnership with the 56 Dean Street NHS sexual health service
Winner of Business Excellence Achievements & Mentors Award 2004 supported by the Mayor of London and London Development Agency
Winner of GlaxoSmithKline Community Health Impact Awards 1998 in partnership with King's Fund

Health Promotion

We run regular health workshops and events around the UK to promote healthy living in the Chinese and wider community. In addition, we stock numerous Chinese health-related promotional materials available on request. Support and information on how to stop smoking is also available from a trained member of staff.

Health Outreach and Events

We regularly run health talks and workshops in partnership with other organisations around the country.

We are available to speak on a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Self-acupressure
  • Healthy eating
  • Managing stress
  • Caring for older people
  • Women's issues
  • Avoiding heart disease and strokes
  • How to get help from the health service

If you are planning a healthy living event, and would like us to participate, please contact Eddie Chan (CNHLC Director) on (020) 3802 0350 to discuss further.

Reference Library

We stock over 200 health-related leaflets and a wide range of audio-visual tapes. The resources in the Centre library are intended for information and reference purposes only, and to raise our users’ awareness of a wide range of common health issues.

The methods of treatment and the content of the information appearing in written, audio and visual materials held in the library may vary from the current National Health Service in the UK, We advise users to seek professional medical advice before taking any action as a result of viewing the materials in the library.

Health Promotion Leaflets by Mail Order

We stock a wide range of health promotion leaflets and brochures available by mail order. Call us on (020) 3802 0350 for details of available leaflets, or download a list of leaflets and brochures available by mail order.

Leaflets and brochures cost 25p per page. Postage and packing is charged at £2 for up to ten pages and £3 for 10 to 20 pages. For more than 20 pages, postage and packing is charged by weight.

Health Promotion Videos/DVDs

Members of the public are welcome to watch our collection of health promotion video tapes/DVDs at our London headquarters. Videos are also available to rent for £5 a week.

Download a list of health promotion videos in stock at the CNHLC.

Stop-Smoking Support

If you would like to stop smoking, a trained member of staff is available to provide information and support to help you to give up smoking.

Please contact us on (020) 3802 0350 for further information.

If you would like to know more about how smoking affects you and others, you can download a copy of our Chinese leaflet (File size: 2.2MB, PDF format).

Stop Smoking Posters

Our range of stop smoking posters explain in Chinese community languages how smoking harms smokers - and their families. The posters also target traditional Chinese reasons for smoking. The posters have been sent to various Chinese community centres and Chinese schools across the UK.

View promotion posters.